Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I need to vent.

Early Bird is screaming in her bed. Its actually an improvement....that's how bad her bedtime routine has been lately. Usually she is up and out of her bed no less than ten times a night. It has to stop....so the fact that she is in her bed screaming is theoretically a step in the right direction.

Mealyworm cried when I tucked her in tonight. Crying because she has to go to school tomorrow. She says her teacher is mean and yells at the class. Tells her to "put her hand down" in a mean voice. :( That's horrible to hear and makes a mom's heart ache. Mealyworm says that she doesn't like like learning and sitting still. She says that she doesn't have anyone to play with at recess. Its so painful....I want my babies to be happy. Always. But I'm hoping this is just a bad week...she's been home sick the last two days and so she's been in the "home cocoon"....maybe tomorrow something wonderful will happy for her. I hope so.

Working 8-5pm sucks. I knew that going in....but its a reality again. The great thing about working nights was that I got to pick my kids up at 3pm. They liked it so much better, and so did I. But now they have an extra 2.5 hrs of afterschool care which honestly just drags a bad day out even longer. :(

Aargh. There are no easy answers.