Monday, November 24, 2008

Guilty, as charged

So we bought a box of frosted donuts to help us through this week...and guess what. While T-Dad was preoccupied with dinner preparations, Bug was watching Wall-E (again), and I was yet to come home from work...Mealyworm decided to taste test them all.
See Exhibit A
Please note...we had eaten 3 donuts for breakfast, so she didn't actually eat a single whole donut. She obviously like that maple frosted one best.

And then her mugshot...she seems a mighty bit proud of her mischievous behavior.

Bug's Christmas List

So Bug has been going through all the catalogs we get at the house and putting his initial by anything that he'd like for Christmas. And recently we sat down and wrote a letter to Santa mentioning his favorites...the list contained 4 items and I emphasized that Santa doesn't get you everything on your list, there are a lot of boys and girls. Its a surprise what he leaves on Christmas morning....uh...
I sure hope he likes his helmet. :)

Item #1 - 4 wheeler I can drive

Item #2 - BIG play kitchen

Item #3 - "Remote Control Monster Truck that can go in the mud, that the doors and trunk open so I can put my guys in there."

Item #4 - "Police helmet with a headphone so I can talk"

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

We are the proud owners of a Family Membership to the The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. So T-Dad suggested we take advantage of it and head over there on Saturday. Its a bit of a drive, but there is so much to do there and the cafeteria is super-cool (a little pricey, but hey, what do you expect). :)

There are 4 floors of fun at the CMI. Including an old-fashioned, real deal carousel on the 4th floor, a perfect "Playscape" for the under 5 crowd on the 3rd floor, SuperHero world on the 2nd floor, Dinosphere on the 1st floor and a planetarium theater for pretend star-gazing on the Lower Level. Plus tons of other exhibits. Of course on Saturday I forgot to bring the camera, but fortunately I never blogged about our trip to the CMI over the I'll include those pics to give you an idea of some of the fun things to do.

Bug drives a racecar, outside the SuperHero exhibit.

Bug and Mealyworm love the water table in the Playscape.

Bug watching the model train chug by.

MealyWorm, the future palentologist.

Bug, the future deep sea diver.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Caught up in a good book...

Guess what...I'm a Librarian and I'm caught up in a book. :)

On the recommendation of some of my fellow bloggers, (Thank you guys!) I recently started reading the Twilight Series. Needless to say, I've been spending all my "spare" time (and some not so spare time) READING the printed word. It is truly a rare occurrence for me. In recent years, I've become mostly an unabridged audio book reader. And to find a book, in fact series of books, so compelling that I can actually sit still and stay awake long enough to read is simply amazing. And I'm loving it. Also noteworthy is the fact that each of the 4 books (I'm just starting book 4) is over 700 pages long! Even though I'm a librarian and I love books..reading long ones has never been my specialty, regardless of content. So I'm quite happy to have read over 2,000 pages in the last 5 days. So if I'm absent for another couple of'll know why...I'm reading Breaking Dawn. :)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Meet the New Baby...

After the post I had about the Clothing Chaos overtaking my life, I began to reconsider the idea of finding out the gender of the new baby. I need whatever help I can get when it comes to organizing and preparing for life with 3 kids. So today we learned, we are having a girl. So our boy, Bug, will be the big brother to two little sisters. I know its a leadership role he will fill well.

Here's the new baby girl...