Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clothing Chaos

We have TOO many clothes. Dirty clothes. Clean clothes. Clothes that don't fit. Clothes to donate. Clothes we've purchased for winter. Clothes we're sharing with friends. Clothes that friends shared with us. Boy clothes. Girl clothes. 18 month clothes. 2T clothes for boys. 3T clothes for girls. 4T for boys. 5/6 clothes. Clothes for the future. Keepsake clothes from the past. T-Dad clothes for work. T-Dad clothes for play. Clothes I hope to fit into again some day. Clothes that were Bug's that I want to save for Mealyworm. Clothes that I should save for the new baby (and since we're not going to find out the gender, we can't get rid of anything). Aaargh!

Every bedroom has at least 2 boxes/tubs of clothes "in processing". Too small, too big, wrong season, etc. And the dirty clothes seem to be breeding! Every bedroom has a huge pile of dirty clothes. About a year ago I came up with the genius idea that instead of having dirty clothes piles in every bedroom, I was going to have one monster pile outside of the laundry room. (uh, yeah, that was the plan) That way when we wanted to throw a load in, the dirty clothes were right there waiting patiently...then the huge pile annexed the lower level entry way and became a bit of a nuisance. I dreamed of owning one of those big hotel laundry carts (that spies and diamond thieves always hide in) to corral the monstrosity. But I decided I'd have to settle with using the pack-n-play. So the monster pile went into the pack-n-play and I haven't seen the elephant and giraffe print on the bottom pad ever since. We never get to the bottom of the dirty clothes pile! Aaargh!

I need help. I need to sort and organize all the clothes that are currently wearable. And I need get rid of all the clothes that we don't think we'll ever wear again. But it is sooooo overwhelming.

I think I've got a plan though....I am going to label like a dozen diaper boxes (I knew there was a good reason I've been saving all those empty diaper boxes, its not just OCD) with Boy 0-12 months, Girl 0-12 months, Boy 12-24 months, Girl 12-24 months, etc. And set them all up in my family room and as I fold I will sort accordingly. And of course, the biggest box will be labelled DONATE. And in regards to my "previous life" clothes, the ones that I loved and actually looked good in...all going. All gone. I haven't worn them in 5 years, what's the point. I am who I am now, and I need the space.

After all, we've got to squeeze a whole additional little being into this house and the CLOTHES are taking up way more than their share of space.

Hopefully I can get started on this plan this weekend. Anyone want to help and experience the Clothing Chaos first hand...tempting I will make you feel really good about your own house though. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mmmm...blueberries and corn syrup

So, I'm snacking on a tasty treat...

not as good as the real thing, fresh off the low bush in Alaska OR fresh off the high bush in Michigan

...but not bad for an afternoon snack stuck in an office.

Oh, and the ingredients...#1 Dried Wild Blueberries (what makes them "wild" and not grown on a farm beats me) #2 High Fructose Corn Syrup (ugh, its everywhere.)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Just kicking back

Hmmm...I wonder where the kids are? Oh, rearranging the lawn furniture and playing with a sharp tomato cage in the backyard.

Bug: Stack your feet, like this MealyWorm!
MealyWorm: Like this? How do I put my foot on top? Oh, I did it!

Bug: You never listen to me.

MealyWorm: Hey, Look, a rabbit.
Bug: Yeah, another rabbit.

This is what summer was meant to be.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Doing her hair

When T-Dad does bathtime, it can get a little crazy.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm one of "those" people

If you lend me something, I might lose it, forget to return it, or even occassionally break it. Its not something I'm proud of. And if you ever ask me about it, I will bend over backwards to get it back to you or buy you a new one. To be honest, its something that weighs on my mind, regularly coming to the surface..."oh yeah, I need to wash that Tupperware container and give it back to Ms. Interrupted" but then I get delayed because I think... hey, wouldn't it be nice if I filled it with home-baked (noticed I didn't say homemade) cookies first or wait, I should find that other one she gave us the medicine in too and return that at the same time...where was the last time I saw that one? Hmmm...

Its pathetic, I know. I'm one of "those" people.

Now, don't get me wrong, I always have the best of intentions when I borrow something. And if it is something I know will just get lost in my house, I'll not borrow it. But its getting trickier now that my kids are borrowing things. I know that I am ultimately responsible for whatever they borrow and the pressure is on...

Here's a little list to help assuage my guilt and prove my good intentions:
Quigs - I've still got your paperback of Omnivore's Dilemma (I didn't forget, I honestly haven't finished it yet and can't admit to myself that I'm never going to finish it.)
Ms. Interrupted - I loved the Lemon Raspberry Dessert, and I still have the container you delivered it in...I'm hoping to fill it with something wonderful. And I still have the little container that you gave us the medicine in, by the way we used every last drop. Woo-hoo, helping you get your money's worth.
Big Matthew - Bug still has your glowing green light saber, he uses it every evening/night and if the battery dies, I will try to replace it.
A - I have your paperback copy of Cranford, I'm still reading it.
K - I have the red slide whistle and the little green bell bracelet from the music parade you had past our house. I also still have Me Speak Pretty One Day and the other 2 books you lent me. Uh, yes, I'm still working on reading them.
J - We still have your copy of Baby Sister Says No. We love it and it shows. I am going to buy a new one for you soon.

And if it makes anyone feel better, I am always happy and freely share stuff from my house. And only if its something I covet do I ever ask for it back, because honestly I've got too much stuff as it is.