Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking...into the future

Wow, its hard to believe I need to start thinking about packing my hospital bag already. Bug has "graduated" into the next classroom at daycare...he's a Little Learner now. And Mealyworm is consistantly going peepee on the potty! We've moved the two of them into the larger bedroom so the new baby has a place to sleep of her very own. I will say, this time around some of those decisions are easier...i.e. new baby is not sleeping in our room, right next door is close enough. :)
Despite the fact that I feel huge and am exhausted all the time...except from 6am-7am...when I can't wait to get out of bed because I'm so sick of tossing and turning all night. This pregnancy has been a pretty smooth ride, let's hope to keep it up for a few more weeks.
The kids are excited. Mealyworm likes to look into my belly button and tell me what the new baby is up to in there. She also will gently rub my belly, rudely poke at my belly button, and shout the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" directly at my belly. Bug is helpful and curious, not too "hands on" though. He often asks questions like "will the new baby know my name?" or "the new baby won't say her words right, will she?" Last week, we got out some of the video tapes from when the kids were babies, they enjoyed seeing themselves as crawlers and messy eaters. It was really funny to watch.
We've tried to involve them in a couple of doctor visits and honestly...that's been more of pain in the ass than helpful. For example, we took them to our lastest sonogram on Monday and...they really weren't interested and made it hard for T-Dad and I focus and enjoy any of it. Its easier if you just have one kid and are building them up to be THE big bro/sis...but with both of them...its like the misbehavior just multiplies exponentially and there's no reasoning with them. At least at this current stage/age...almost 5 and almost 3.
The new baby is definately a girl. And she's good sized...we'll see what that REALLY means when the big day finally arrives. The Ultrasound Tech said she could see this baby could be born with a full set of hair like Mealyworm. That was fun. Or it may all be gone and we'll have a little cue ball like Bug.
Well, time will tell all, I suppose. We've still got tons of stuff to do to get ready...preparing the nursery, 6 wks of swim lessons for Bug & Mealyworm (I might have been delusional when I signed them up for that at this stage), and planning who's home with who and for how long...stay tuned.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hmmm...tough question

Am I more irritable than usual because I'm pregnant...or am I truly surrounded by morons?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

Mealyworm likes to "silently" come into our bedroom around 5 or 6 am and stand by my side of the bed for a minute...of course her arms are full of all the animals, baby dolls and blankets she can possibly hold, then she proceeds to climb up on the bed and over me (mind you I'm hugely pregnant so that is NOT an easy task for a 2 yr old) to the middle of the bed. Then she crawls under the covers and just lies there. Sometimes falling asleep for a little bit, sometimes tossing and turning a bunch, and sometimes if I happen to be facing the middle she'll put her warm little hand right on my cheek and just trace the features of my face. Even though its the wee hours of the morning and I should be irritated...I can't help but think that is one of the sweetest things...ever.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Detassler from Camp Point

The summer after I graduated high school, I got a letter with my dorm assignment and the name and phone number of my roommate. It was a nervous phone call. I think I waited at least a week before I even tried the number. And when I finally did, I met Missy from Camp Point, IL. She was easy to talk to, she had a microwave and stereo. She was working as a corn detassler that summer. Her older brother went to our university too, he lived off campus at the frat house. She planned on bringing a loft for her bed...her computer and her car. Woo-hoo! Hmmm...maybe this wasn't going to be so bad. :) The fateful day came...we both moved into our little dorm room. With a brother in a frat house, Missy knew all about partying...and didn't miss a one. Missy and I roomed together for 2 years in the end. We weren't BFF, but we were friends who understood each other and gave each other space. I think that's why we were able to share such a small space with each other 2 years in a row. And we both loved playing sand volleyball. But all that is background...I'm really here to talk about a huge gift that Missy brought into my life. She introduced me to an entire genre of music that I love to this music. Prior to my freshman year in college, the only country music song I knew was Garth Brooks - Friends in Low Places. And honestly, I didn't know that one that well except it got played to death at every dance I went to in high school. Missy liked to sleep with music on...and I thought that was we started going through our CDs and finding ones we could both tolerate...amazingly enough, the country music Missy played was the best stuff to fall asleep to. We would often put a CD on repeat and listen to it all night long. Night after night, we heard the same songs over and over...and it was comforting. It is so easy for me to get "sucked into" a country music song. I'd listen to the lyrics and love to hear the story. And still today, there are certain songs I just love and I'm proud to be a WIXY listener. :) I'm not as up on new artists and albums, I really like the stuff from back in my college days, but I still really enjoy a song with a good story. So thanks Missy, for broadening my an unexpected way. I wonder what you're doing now.