Thursday, April 23, 2009

Early Bird

A little ditty I wrote when Early Bird was born...

10 fingers, 10 toes. A beating heart and a button nose. So small, and sleepy and honestly frail. But not a detail was missed, not even a fingernail.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crying baby and a smile

What's been going on with Early Bird...

Colic. She cries all the time in the evening. She screams bloody murder and tightens every little muscle in her small body, fighting the pain in her tummy. She looks at me with this pissed off scowl and screams in high-pitched newborn caterwauling, with every ounce she's got -

What the &@%$ is going on! I'm in pain, something hurts. Why? WTF, mama?

On a good note...she naps alot during the day. AND...

The other day, she smiled at me. Such a precious reward.

My baby boy is 5

Yep, he's 5. He is totally ready. Five is what he is. He doesn't act like a 4 year old. In fact, I'd say he hasn't acting four for months now. He's officially a five-year-old now. He was born at 10:11 pm. Congratulations, Bug.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 4 - Calgon take me away. should be easier. We should be in a "routine" of some kind. My house should be cleaner than ever with my being off work for like 2 months. But None of the above. Aaargh!
Its terrible when you really try to force your 2 year old to sit and watch TV. I find myself wishing she would get fixated on the television, like her older that I could accomplish something...anything! But who am I kidding...if she and her older brother were both sitting transfixed to the TV...the newborn would be wailing or the cat would be puking or the washing maching overflowing, etc. I need to be better about just getting stuff done despite the circumstances...hmpf.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Revelation

Ooooohhh, I get it now. Being a stay at home mother means you have to do EVERYTHING. Cook, clean, plan activities, take kids to doctor appts, grocery shop, get things fixed, etc. At least when I worked, my husband chipped in a little. But now that I have all this time at home...I have to do everything. Well, at least now I know.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Wit's end

Okay, so she did it again! Mealyworm opened the window and screen in her room and threw toys out! Mind you this is a 2nd floor window...with a concrete patio underneath! Aargh! Mealyworm will be 3 in about 5 wks. And its like talking to a puppy...she just doesn't listen. She doesn't care what toy I take away, what "treat" she's not going to get, blah, blah, blah. Mind you she is sad when mommy is mad, but it doesn't stop her from doing it the next time...I swear, she's going to push me over the edge of insanity.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

I'm gonna' smoke the whole world

Necessary Background Info: Bug gets tired in the afternoons, but its hard work to get him to take a nap. So since I've been staying home with him, to make it easier on him...and me...we've (I've) decided that Tues/Thurs are napping days and M/W/F are "quiet time" days. He can play quietly in his room for an hour by himself.
Setting: After lunch on Monday. Mealyworm has brought in the "Dora Van" from the living room to play with in her bed. (I'm fine with this because she falls asleep in like 5 min every day regardless of what toy she has in her bed.) Once Bug has discovered she has the van, of course he wants it. And a temper tantrum begins, but I hold my ground and even after Mealyworm falls asleep, I refuse to go in there and get the damn van for him. Its the principle. I'm trying to nurse Miranda or something and Bug keeps coming out of his room issuing demands...

Sooooo...the following discussion occurs, I'll say he was persistant:

Disturbance #1
Bug: I want the Dora van! Waaaa, boo hooo. (much yelling and gnashing of teeth)
Me: Bug, please go in your room for quiet time. Mealyworm asked to play with the van first, so she gets the van. (I essentially say this same thing repeatedly for the next 5 disturbances, amazingly enough, I was pretty calm and not screaming hardly at all.)

Distrubance #2
Bug: I want the Dora van! If you give me the van, I'll clean my whole room! (he amazingly enough likes to clean his room during "quiet time" who knows how I gave birth to a neat freak, but its wonderful)
Me: see above

Disturbance #3
Bug: I want the Dora van! If you give me the van, I'll clean the whole house! (if I actually thought he would follow through with it, I totally would have caved at this point.)
Me: see above

Distrubance #4
Bug: I want the Dora van! If you don't give me the van, I'll make a big mess of my room, of the WHOLE house! (clever little brat, switching it up like that.)
Me: see above

Disturbance #5
Bug: I want the Dora van! If you don't give me the van, I'm going to smoke. I'm going to smoke when I grow bigger. I'm gonna' smoke all day. I'm gonna' smoke the whole world! (I have no idea why he chose this moment in time to pull out this topic from a very brief discussion we had on smoking from like a year ago. I'm quite happy he's still a little fuzzy on the details of "smoking".)
Me: see above (trying to hide my shock and a little smile)

You never can guess what these crazy kids will say next.