Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm one of "those" people

If you lend me something, I might lose it, forget to return it, or even occassionally break it. Its not something I'm proud of. And if you ever ask me about it, I will bend over backwards to get it back to you or buy you a new one. To be honest, its something that weighs on my mind, regularly coming to the surface..."oh yeah, I need to wash that Tupperware container and give it back to Ms. Interrupted" but then I get delayed because I think... hey, wouldn't it be nice if I filled it with home-baked (noticed I didn't say homemade) cookies first or wait, I should find that other one she gave us the medicine in too and return that at the same time...where was the last time I saw that one? Hmmm...

Its pathetic, I know. I'm one of "those" people.

Now, don't get me wrong, I always have the best of intentions when I borrow something. And if it is something I know will just get lost in my house, I'll not borrow it. But its getting trickier now that my kids are borrowing things. I know that I am ultimately responsible for whatever they borrow and the pressure is on...

Here's a little list to help assuage my guilt and prove my good intentions:
Quigs - I've still got your paperback of Omnivore's Dilemma (I didn't forget, I honestly haven't finished it yet and can't admit to myself that I'm never going to finish it.)
Ms. Interrupted - I loved the Lemon Raspberry Dessert, and I still have the container you delivered it in...I'm hoping to fill it with something wonderful. And I still have the little container that you gave us the medicine in, by the way we used every last drop. Woo-hoo, helping you get your money's worth.
Big Matthew - Bug still has your glowing green light saber, he uses it every evening/night and if the battery dies, I will try to replace it.
A - I have your paperback copy of Cranford, I'm still reading it.
K - I have the red slide whistle and the little green bell bracelet from the music parade you had past our house. I also still have Me Speak Pretty One Day and the other 2 books you lent me. Uh, yes, I'm still working on reading them.
J - We still have your copy of Baby Sister Says No. We love it and it shows. I am going to buy a new one for you soon.

And if it makes anyone feel better, I am always happy and freely share stuff from my house. And only if its something I covet do I ever ask for it back, because honestly I've got too much stuff as it is.


Quigs78 said...

LOL I totally forgot about that book! (I think I blocked it out.) I'm seriously not concerned about it.

We could Fahrenheit 451 that mf-er.

But if you wanted to cut out the insides of the book and return it filled with cookies, I'm game. :)

Mommy Schiff said...
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Mommy Schiff said...
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Looseyfur said...

Um, LL:

I have a handrake of yours I keep intending to return to you from when we PLANTED our pain in the ass garden in May.

I also have the plate that the cake for bookclub came on... so um, I owe you two.