Saturday, April 04, 2009

I'm gonna' smoke the whole world

Necessary Background Info: Bug gets tired in the afternoons, but its hard work to get him to take a nap. So since I've been staying home with him, to make it easier on him...and me...we've (I've) decided that Tues/Thurs are napping days and M/W/F are "quiet time" days. He can play quietly in his room for an hour by himself.
Setting: After lunch on Monday. Mealyworm has brought in the "Dora Van" from the living room to play with in her bed. (I'm fine with this because she falls asleep in like 5 min every day regardless of what toy she has in her bed.) Once Bug has discovered she has the van, of course he wants it. And a temper tantrum begins, but I hold my ground and even after Mealyworm falls asleep, I refuse to go in there and get the damn van for him. Its the principle. I'm trying to nurse Miranda or something and Bug keeps coming out of his room issuing demands...

Sooooo...the following discussion occurs, I'll say he was persistant:

Disturbance #1
Bug: I want the Dora van! Waaaa, boo hooo. (much yelling and gnashing of teeth)
Me: Bug, please go in your room for quiet time. Mealyworm asked to play with the van first, so she gets the van. (I essentially say this same thing repeatedly for the next 5 disturbances, amazingly enough, I was pretty calm and not screaming hardly at all.)

Distrubance #2
Bug: I want the Dora van! If you give me the van, I'll clean my whole room! (he amazingly enough likes to clean his room during "quiet time" who knows how I gave birth to a neat freak, but its wonderful)
Me: see above

Disturbance #3
Bug: I want the Dora van! If you give me the van, I'll clean the whole house! (if I actually thought he would follow through with it, I totally would have caved at this point.)
Me: see above

Distrubance #4
Bug: I want the Dora van! If you don't give me the van, I'll make a big mess of my room, of the WHOLE house! (clever little brat, switching it up like that.)
Me: see above

Disturbance #5
Bug: I want the Dora van! If you don't give me the van, I'm going to smoke. I'm going to smoke when I grow bigger. I'm gonna' smoke all day. I'm gonna' smoke the whole world! (I have no idea why he chose this moment in time to pull out this topic from a very brief discussion we had on smoking from like a year ago. I'm quite happy he's still a little fuzzy on the details of "smoking".)
Me: see above (trying to hide my shock and a little smile)

You never can guess what these crazy kids will say next.


The Fearless Freak said...

That's a little bit funny and yeah, if he would clean the whole house, I would have totally caved too.

We just do quite time. MT has to lay in her bed and watch a movie on her portable DVD player. It must be a DVD she has watched a bunch so she won't get all excited and try to stay up to see the end, she has to lay down and she has to stay in bed for the whole movie. We purposely pick actual movies, instead of shows so they last over an hour. If she falls asleep, then she needed the nap. If not, then I figure she probably didn't and she gets to up when the movie is over.

It works fairly well for us and she usually ends up napping maybe one or 2 days a week. Sometimes, she sleep every day and those weeks are pretty awesome! :)

Looseyfur said...

Yeah, we have quiet time over here too. Although today X-man really needed a nap. He fell asleep after dinner around 7:15 p.m. on the couch. On the other hand, it makes me wonder if we put him down this afternoon if he'd still be up and being Mr. Party.

But I see that Bug is an enterprising young man. It bodes well for obedience via allowance later on. :-)

~rachel~ said...

OMG He is hilarious!! I don't think I could keep a straight face during that one!

I need to start making Rowan have quiet time in his room- I've gotten out of the habit of even trying with him.