Friday, December 07, 2012

The Annual Christmas Present Dilemma

The children have written their wish lists for Santa.  And of course, I am left with the buy or not to buy.  I want to encourage the belief that Santa is "alive and watching and listening to your requests" but the carefully kid-printed/misspelled items on the lists are usually too expensive, complete crap or simply not possible.

Bug's "Dear Santa" list- (please note all items include a hand-drawn representation)
Walkie-Talkie set that can talk up to 20 feet
Basketball Hoop that can hang on the wall
Big Angry Bird pillow (space pig) -
Air Hockey table
Spy net Video Glasses
Night sight goggles
A rock kit
Zipline for my backyard
(Also included: Are you real? circle one  YES or NO)

Mealyworm's "Dear Santa" list-
MP3 Player

Early Bird's "Dear Santa" list-
rocking horse
baby play set
dog vet kit

Ultimately, it probably comes down to my failings as a mother.  I should probably be guiding the Santa lists more....steering the children to items I actually want to buy them.  But isn't it more fun to sit in front of the Black Friday ads and pick all the things you'd love to have?  I don't know, I try to be a conscientious-minded parent, teaching the "what's really important" lessons...but in my heart of hearts sometimes I like to provide my kids with experiences I always wish I had growing up.

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