Thursday, October 04, 2007

Piano is Arriving!

We are getting a piano today! And the kids are both coughing and running a fever! So T-Dad is home with them this morning, awaiting the piano movers. And I will take the afternoon shift. T-Dad's Aunt and Uncle are giving us their piano because they are moving. We struggled with how we were going to get it from their house in the Chicago area to ours. We even rented a U-haul and tried to pick it up a month or so ago, but we weren't prepared for how heavy and delicate a piano is. For some reason we thought he and I would be able to lift it onto a 5x7 trailer (with our 2 toddlers running around) and drive it (45 mph) all the way home. Silly, silly us. So professional movers are delivering it today. I hope for a smooth move. :)

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