Friday, June 20, 2008

I love the British Speak

At work, we route around over 50 journals and magazines. One of the ones I thoroughly enjoy getting every month (mind you I just got May 2008, so its never exactly timely.) is a UK publication called Health & Fitness. It is a glossy magazine like SELF or SHAPE. But being as its published in the UK...its full of wonderful British stuff. All the articles are essentially the same as we'd have here..."Age is just a number", "Running a Triathalon", "Electronic relationships", etc. But the ads and the little things are there..."stones" instead of pounds, talking about your relationship with your "partner" not husband, crisps are potato chips etc. I mean British people are sooooo cool. Okay, that's juvenile and a total generalization, but hell, its true.

Here's some more British Speak:
Wind = passing gas
Mum = mom
Yoghurt = yogurt
diarrhoea = diarrhea
coeliac = celiac disease

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Theatredad said...

I'm afraid I'll have to agree to disagree. British people come across as stuffy and arogant to me. At least the English do. Now the Irish and Scottish speak have some degree of cool to them (ie: Bono of U2, the characters in the movies "Once", Mel Gibson and the guys in "Braveheart"), but the English can stay on the island with their tea and crumpets.