Friday, August 01, 2008

Arm-chair Detective

Growing up I had my own Detective Agency. I even had a black case with talcum powder and a small brush, for fingerprints (of course), and a little notebook and pencil to record clues, and a small magnifying glass to see things more clearly. I begged my mom and older sisters to create cases for me. And they would start with a note in the mailbox, that would cleverly lead me (and sometimes my childhood friend/partner in detecting crime, Skeezix) to the next location where another clue would be hidden, and then there would be another note...and on it went. I loved it. Unfortunately, I stopped getting cases after awhile and my interest waned, so the agency closed up shop. But I still love the thrill of the chase...currently, I am intently following the Caylee Anthony case. Where is that little girl and why is her mother acting so weird?


makeup_girl said...

I also love mysteries. And I really find interest in missing children cases. Do you remember the one from last year where the pregnant mom disappeared and her cop-boyfriend was the one who killed her? Nancy Grace was all over that. In fact, tonight, Nancy is geared up and ready to discuss the Caylee case. (I just saw a commercial for her show).

If you ever get tired of your day job, let me know; we can start a PI business together!

Quigs78 said...

I saw Nancy Grace do this case. There are a ton of things that irritate/shock me about the mom and her behavior and how the family keeps making ridiculous excuses for her.

That poor little girl. Breaks my heart to think of what may have happened to her...