Monday, November 24, 2008

Bug's Christmas List

So Bug has been going through all the catalogs we get at the house and putting his initial by anything that he'd like for Christmas. And recently we sat down and wrote a letter to Santa mentioning his favorites...the list contained 4 items and I emphasized that Santa doesn't get you everything on your list, there are a lot of boys and girls. Its a surprise what he leaves on Christmas morning....uh...
I sure hope he likes his helmet. :)

Item #1 - 4 wheeler I can drive

Item #2 - BIG play kitchen

Item #3 - "Remote Control Monster Truck that can go in the mud, that the doors and trunk open so I can put my guys in there."

Item #4 - "Police helmet with a headphone so I can talk"

1 comment:

makeup_girl said...

Ella has the same kitchen only in pink. It was so worth the investment and it's very sturdy. We'll have that sucker forever!