Monday, November 24, 2008

Guilty, as charged

So we bought a box of frosted donuts to help us through this week...and guess what. While T-Dad was preoccupied with dinner preparations, Bug was watching Wall-E (again), and I was yet to come home from work...Mealyworm decided to taste test them all.
See Exhibit A
Please note...we had eaten 3 donuts for breakfast, so she didn't actually eat a single whole donut. She obviously like that maple frosted one best.

And then her mugshot...she seems a mighty bit proud of her mischievous behavior.


makeup_girl said...

LOL! That's hysterical!
Last year I was baking holiday cookies, and I found a few that Ella had taken bites out of. She put them at the bottom of the piles of cookies to hide them....sneaky girl that she is.

Harley Quinn said...

How can you blame her? You leave perfectly delicious donuts lying around and I'd nibble on all of them too. =) JB loves the maple ones too. More reasons for her to love him.


andi said...

Mmm donuts.

I'm sorry, were there words after the donut picture?