Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 2 - Much better

Okay so yesterday, my first day as a stay-at-home mom, went...not so well. I got some weird virus, from T-Dad who was violently vomiting Friday night, and felt like total crap. I asked T-Dad to leave work early and come home, in other words, I had to call in the reserves. But Day 2...much better.
1. French Toast for breakfast
(several hours of PBS cartoons...I'm working on that, I swear)
2. A trip (with all 3 children) to the new Meijer - Impressive, I know.
3. Lunch - Hot dogs, cottage cheese and grapes.
4. Naps - all around, I actually convinced Bug to nap, it took some work. But I am going to try to get him to actually sleep on Tues/Thurs so that he can stay up a little later. T-Dad works late on Tues.
5. Craft Time - painting (painting is a special treat because its such a pain...but today I used it as a reward for being so good at Meijer)
(and another 45 min of PBS cartoons)
6. Washing the LEGOs - 2 kids, double sink, warm soapy water, LOTS of sticky LEGOs
7. Trip to the Park behind our house
8. Dinner - Pasta, bananas and raw veggies w/ dip
9. Play with the clean LEGOs and watch AirBud, the movie

Finally T-Dad is home...7:30pm. Whew. I survived.


makeup_girl said...

Wow. That's more than I do in a day. Way to go!

Quigs78 said...

That's way impressive! You're making the rest of us look bad, newbie. :P

~rachel~ said...

Wow all this AND right after being sick ( I usually "need" at least 2 days to recover).

I agree w/ Quigs :)

The Fearless Freak said...

Meh, she'll get over it. Pretty soon the blog will read "day 12, kids watched 15 hours of mindless tv, while I napped on the couch. Lunch was a cookie and milk and I'm going out for drinks as soon as T-Dad gets home" ROFL

I'm glad to hear it is going at least a little better, since you are feeling better.