Monday, March 16, 2009

Life is Good

I love all the 'Life is Good' clothing, mugs, bags, etc. Combining a positive, non-religious, non-drug condemning/condoning message on comfortable,casual clothes. Perfect. I wish I would have thought of that idea because I'd be rich. The weather is warming up, I have one more week at home with just the baby and me...and then it gets even better...albeit a little more challenging...but then my "big kids" get to stay home too! I'm really excited and very nervous...I actually went to Mrs. B's School Supplies teacher store (the one by Yours, Mine & Ours) last week to buy some incentive charts and stickers, etc. And I want to come up with a daily schedule and try to stick with it (that's hard for me, I like to "switch things up regularly"). I'm thinking something like this might be good for starters...
Wake Up
Get out of bed, Make Bed
Put Clothes On.
Eat Breakfast
Play Outside/Craft Time
Eat Lunch
Nap/Quiet Time
Play Outside/Craft Time
Snack/Movie Time (while I make dinner)
um, okay..I don't know when to start the timeline. Do I let the kids sleep in as late as they want or do I wake them up at a certain time? Do we get clothes on right away or do we hang out in our pajamas for a few hours? Do I actually cook breakfast (because I'm home and all) or do we eat cold cereal and bananas? So many ways this could go...I just want it to be a positive experience for them and for me. Not an experience we all regret because Mommy turns into a screaming banshee and the small children become replicas of Dennis the Menace.


Looseyfur said...

That Mrs. B's gets me hooked. Every time I go in there I make a pile and then have to go through it to keep my purchases under my budget.

makeup_girl said...

Good luck with the timeline. I tried when I took Ella out of daycare, and I couldn't do it.
Are you going to squeeze some lessons in there? I bought some workbooks for Ella and we try to do a few pages every day.

Tracy said...

Congratulations! I envy you if you really have children who might sleep until you wake them up. That just doesn't happen in our home, no matter how I plead and beg and hope and dream. No, every Saturday morning, in comes the Daughter to see if I've maybe changed my mind and want to get up early with her.



Quigs78 said...

I love Mrs. B's! We have a bunch of posters hanging up in our family room that I got from there.

I don't wake the kids up. But they seem to get up at a regular hour on their own. And I've been home this whole time and don't cook breakfast. Frozen waffles in the toaster is as much cooking as I do. :P

We do change clothes right away (M-F). I make sure I'm showered and dressed before the husband leaves for work, too. It makes me feel more productive and less like lounging if I'm up and ready when the kids get up.

You and the kids will find your own routine. Wing it for the first week or so to see what works for you guys rather than stressing about whether the kids want to stop playing with playdoh at a certain time. You'll be superfab! :)

~rachel~ said...

I've never been to Mrs. B's, maybe I need to check it out.

I LOVE the idea of a schedule- I have a secret desire to be really organized, and I make lists all the time about what we are going to do- but never follow them! :)

I cook breakfast sometimes, but most of the time we just have cereal, oatmeal, or yogurt w/ fruit. I insist rowan gets dressed right after breakfast (me too) otherwise we'd all stay in pj's and I'd feel way to lazy! But sometimes- we just stay in pj's! Sometimes the lazy days are the most fun.

And I never wake him up unless we have to be somewhere- but he's usually up by 8 any way

Harley Quinn said...

I know you're talking about me with the whole screaming banshee thing.

It's cool.

I know I am. I embrace it and try to nurture it because when I try to stuff it down it rears up even more! LOL!!

~rachel~ said...

Ummm I don't want to be rude or anything, but I think you need to post a picture of Early Bird- it's been a while... :)