Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Prayer

This was the "Opening Prayer" we read in unison last Sunday....I thought it was beautiful:
O God, this is a month of changes. We can feel it in the cooler air, the drop in humidity, the grey skies.
Some of us found our way back to school in this season, and we all want to learn. Let us all grow in wisdom and maturity.
Some of us are watching the harvest begin, while the gardens of others among us produce less and less. Let all our hearts produce love and kindness.
Many of us are leaving vacations behind, but God, you can keep our lives renewed by filling us with your joy and your rest.
Creative God, every year the world spins through its seasons and every year brings troubles. Steady and soothe your earth that its changes may be good changes and its struggles end in peace.
Loving God, who without change remains our steadfast friend, watch over the changes in our lives. May we stretch and grow but always and ever remain yours, in Christ. Amen.

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