Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A reason to cringe

Seriously, someone posted this on Facebook and it has actually been "shared" 5,500+ times...gag me with a spoon.
I can think of a thousand ways to finish this statement better than the one in the picture.
Here's the first 10 in no particular order:

If we don't teach our children to follow Christ....
#1 they can make the choice that is right for them when they are ready.
#2 they may choose to act kindly for no better reason than because it makes them feel good.
#3 our children may grow up to decide for themselves what fills them spiritually.
#4 they may choose to follow Buddha, or become Muslim, or practice Wicca, or "practice" no formal religion whatsoever and still lead healthy spiritual lives.
#5 when they lay down to sleep at night, instead of reciting a rote memory bible verse, they may actually reflect upon the day and share hopes for tomorrow.
#6 our children may thank us later.
#7 they might discover it themselves when they are actually interested.
#8 we open up their opportunities to discover new religions.
#9 we give them the respect to define their own path.
#10 we avoid feeding them a lot of bullshit.

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