Thursday, July 03, 2008


Area Firework Displays -

Champaign: Fireworks, Dodds Park/Parkland College-near Mattis & Bradley, approximately 9:15 pm.
Fisher: Fireworks, in the town park, about 9 pm.
Homer: Fireworks, grassy field behind Village Hall, dusk.
Mahomet: Fireworks, Lake of the Woods, dusk.
Paxton: Fireworks, Pells Park, dusk.
Rantoul: Fireworks, former Chanute Air Force Base, approximately 9 pm.
Villa Grove: Fireworks, Richman Sports Complex, dusk.

For more information about all kinds of local Fourth of July Holiday fun and festivities, visit this News-Gazette article.

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Thanks, Missy for introducing me to!

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Misc said...

Hey, no prob. I love these little tests, although I have to say the utensil one Mrs. Chicken posted said I was a fork. No way, man. I'm a spork all the way. :-)