Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Go Team!

We had a softball game last night. T-Dad and I play on our church's Men's League team. It is a lot of fun and something we both really enjoy. Normally, we bring our kids to the games and only play half a game each so we can take turns watching the kids. It usually works out fine, but I'm always slightly distracted when the kids are present. I'm squinting at them from the outfield wondering if they are getting into trouble. So last night, we hired a babysitter. To many people this is standard practice. But to us, its kind of a big deal. It means we have to track down someone responsible and available, clean the house (at least to a reasonable level of cleanliness), and shell out big bucks. All of those are a lot of work in our minds. But I think by doing it a few times, it will get easier...well, at least the tracking down someone part. The cleaning and spending money, not so much. But I digress, back to the softball game...we lost. Not by a landslide, but we started out behind and stayed that way the whole game. We have at least half women on our team and the other teams have almost all men, so that does make a difference. Though on a Men's League team its actually fun to play outfield because there's a lot of action out there! And T-Dad and I both love to bat. Before the game, T-Dad and I went to the batting cages and hit a few and even had time to toss the ball around. Having a babysitter is great! And we both played the WHOLE game instead of just a couple of innings each, which also meant we were in the game at the same time! In fact, I was right behind him in the batting order, so I caused him to get out several times. Sorry about that T-Dad. It was a beautiful night and lots of fun. I can't wait until next week (we hired the same sitter). :)


Quigs78 said...

That's awesome that you and T-Dad get to go out and do something fun together!

I LOVE getting a sitter. It was SO new to me, too, when we moved here. We always had friends or family to watch the kids. Paying someone seemed crazy to me. I mostly used her pre- and post-move to pack/unpack, etc, but I'm excited to use her for some Quigs and Mr. Quigs time!

Looseyfur said...

Oooh, Lemonades, did you go with my sitter or find someone else who worked out?

And if MacTroll would stop canceling dates on me (not that I mind asking Rogers to substitute on date night as my domestic partner) for work, maybe we'd get some time too!

makeup_girl said...

I so miss playing softball. The fact that you get play AND you have a babysitter puts you up on the "Lucky Mom" list. I look at Lucky Moms and wish I was one.

Lavender Lemonade said...

You're right makeup mom, I am a Lucky Mom. Thanks for reminding me. :)