Sunday, October 04, 2009

Super Lucky or Super Cool

Recently, I had the unexpected, but much appreciated honor of attending a CU Parent Bloggers gathering at B. Lime. B. Lime, A Green Store, is a great store that I'd love to buy presents for everybody I know at. I was super lucky and got to meet a bunch of super cool bloggers. Check out these CU blogs:
Multi-minding Mom
Little Blog on the Prairie
Midwest Moms
Mommy, Queen of Everything
Sulking in Illinois
Midwest Neurotica
Chicken and Cheese
Larkin's Place
Rayne of Terror
Looseyfur's Midwest Adventures
2 Kids, 3 Cats and a blog
The Fabulous Follies of a Freaky Family

And we got to nibble on great treats from Cakes on Walnut and Boltini's....mmmmm.

And when all was said and done for the evening...we went home with our hands full of goodies. Thank you, thank you to the generous givers of stuff including, but not limited to:
Johnson & Johnson


Tracy said...

I think this makes you an official blogger!

~rachel~ said...

So how do I get to be cool enough to get invited to something like this? :)

Lavender Lemonade said...

@tracy-Its official. :)

@rachel-you are totally cool enough already. Leave Comments, Baby...I think the only way I got an invite is because I used to leave comments on a lot of blogs, I've been pretty absent the last few months. :)

Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

I'm so glad you were able to attend and happy to finally meet you and some of the other local bloggers in person.

I worked hard to procure the awesome swag and I'm glad everyone felt pampered by it. I owe a big thanks to the companies who were willing to provide us with wonderful products even though we are in a smaller market.

To Rachel- How does one get invited to parties like these? Well I made the invite list based on local bloggers that I have interacted with online. Blogging is about community and as such it's important to leave comments on blogs, otherwise we have no idea that you are even out there. Also, I clicked on your profile and there is no easy way to contact you. It's important to give an e-mail address or have a contact form so that people feel like you want to be contacted. I am frequently invited to national corporate-funded blogger events and it's only because I put myself out there. Stop by my blog sometime and we can get to know one another.


lbotp said...

It was great to meet you too. I hope we have a chance to get together again sometime.