Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bits & Pieces

-We had a pre-nat appt with a midwife yesterday. We heard the heartbeat - 140 bpm. Does that mean boy? We have our Ultrasound appt. on the books for next month. We timed it so that we can take Bug and Mealyworm. I think they will get a kick out of seeing inside mommy's belly.
-We have been pretty sure we weren't going to find out the sex of the baby this time around. We liked the surprise with Mealyworm. With Bug, we'd had enough surprises, so we found out as soon as we could. This time...we're starting to waver. I think I could really use a couple of extra months (pre-newborn) to gets clothes, house, room in order for a specific gender. Hmm...we're still debating.
-Mealyworm has been doing neubulizer treatments for a recent (monday) diagnosis of asthma. She does well for like 5 minutes, but it literally takes a whole episode of Dora to get through all the medicine! aargh! I wish I could speed up that thing. Her little breathing mask looks like a fish, its cute.
-Bug misbehaved at preschool earlier this week while they were on a field trip. So he didn't get to attend the next field trip to Curtis Orchard (yesterday). :( I actually didn't feel too bad for him. He is going through this phase (again) where he refuses to listen to what you tell him to do and goes off on his own...repeatedly. And they couldn't have him doing that out at Curtis Orchard with hundreds of other school kids running around too.
-T-Dad cleaned the kitchen really well on Monday when he was home with sick - Mealyworm. He even scrubbed the kitchen floor twice (it was really dirty, I guess.). So I have been doing a good job of keeping it clean all week. I'm so proud of myself.
-I haven't touched the clothing chaos all week. Boo-hoo.


makeup_girl said...

Wow. You've got a lot going on. Kudos to you for keeping things together, and the floor clean! Brady mopped our kitchen last Thursday...weird...the men are cleaning floors!

Quigs78 said...

Poor MW! Bubba was on neb treatments for almost 5 months when we first moved here. It helped him when Dad or I would wear a mask, too. (I have an extra one if you need it.) :)

And I was all for knowing the gender! PG wasn't very cooperative, even though we had three ultrasounds. (And 140, according to legend and my two pregnancies, is a girl!) ;)

~rachel~ said...

I don't beleive the whole heartbeat/gender thing. I've had people swear that a girl was high and others that a boy was. I could not stand to not know, I even don't like it when others don't know ( and won't tell me) :)But I guess it's YOUR baby and you should get to decide ;) I replied to your wipes question on my post if you're interseted.

Too bad about the neb. I had to do it when I was little too, hopefully she outgrows it!

Looseyfur said...

Hey lady, I'm free (and well) this Sunday afternoon.

Let me know if we should try it again. :-)

Harley Quinn said...

Your kitchen looks awesome! Go T-dad for cleaning it and go you for keeping it clean!

The Fearless Freak said...

The neb treatments suck! Tb is on nebs right now and it take for FREAKING ever.

And with Rachel about not knowing gender, I HAD to know. I think other people should know so they can tell me as well. But I'm just nosy like that LOL

Misc said...

I say there are enough surprises with pregnancy, why add to it? Find out the sex of the baby that way you have all that time to prepare. Go for it.

I wish my husband would clean the kitchen. He's been home on vacation for 2 weeks. At least he finally put away his clothes.

Lavender Lemonade said...

Okay, you've talked me into it...I think we're going to find out the Boy/Girl question. Woo-hoo. Now I have to wait 3 weeks...aargh.