Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ear infections

Another boring blog post...
My kids have ear infections. Bug went to Convienient Care in the AM - ear infection in the left ear. MealyWorm had her 2 yr Well Baby visit at 11am. MW just got done on Friday with 10 days worth of Amoxicillian for a double ear infection and I was convinced that it was still there...sure enough. She still has a double ear infection, so now she's on Augmentin for 7 days and Ibuterol syrup for raspy lungs. Poor kid. Other than all that, Mealyworm is right on track for her age and development. Her stats: 34 1/2 inches tall, 28 lbs 9 oz, head circumference of 49 1/2 cm.

I'm stressed out...
Maybe I should list all the things that I'm stressed about....nah, that's too much work.


Misc said...

What I found amusing is that your 2-yr-old is almost as tall as my almost 5-yr-old.

Poor kiddos. Hope they're better very soon.

Looseyfur said...

Eeks, I think you and Quigs ought to get together. Pretty Girl has an ear infection on top of pink eye and Bubba has a nasty respiratory virus.

Seems to be sick kid o'rama. Let me know if you need anything!

Quigs78 said...

Hey! We're on Augmentin, too! (And Zithromax, Albuterol, and Pulmicort, and eye drops.) :)Rumor has it that it causes nastiness in the bowels, so I got some Activia yogurt to feed Sam to head it off at the pass. My niece ended up with a blistery diaper rash because of it.

I'm sending stress-free vibes your way - this, too, shall pass (that's what I keep trying to convince myself, anyway). :)

Lavender Lemonade said...

misc- my 2 is "mature for her age" (whatever that means for a 2 year old. :)
looseyfur- thanks for the offer of help, we perserved.
quigs78- Augmentin users unite! Good to know about the potential blockage.

UPDATE: Matthew got a rash from the Amoxicillian (or so the doc thinks, I think it might have been the purple flintstone vitamin, but who knows where these rashes come from.) Amelia is done with her 7 days of Augmentin...but still clingy and "acting sick" hmmm..we'll see.