Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Recently I discovered that popular blogs often have contests to promote/support specific causes and online stores. As well as provide some fun competition for their faithful readers. The other day I came across a contest on Chicken and Cheese for the messiest room in your house! Wow, I was so happy to see so many other people had messy houses just like mine! Unfortunately, I missed the deadline on that one, so I couldn't enter. But I didn't miss the deadline on this one...
The Full Mommy is having a contest for two gift certificates to the online toy store KangarooBoo.com. All you have to do is check out their website and post a comment about what toys you liked. :) Cool, I can do that. The toys that I really liked:
I love the bib clips - attach a paper napkin and then throw it away! I have a pile of dirty bibs to wash!
And the Swallow Mobile was beautiful for kids or adults. Actually, they had an awesome collection of unique, attractive mobiles. Artsy, not the same old mini stuffed animal crap that they have at every baby store.
And some other favorites: Animal Masks from Morroco and the awesome wooden fire truck complete with not 1, but 2 firemen!
Here's some more information about the store:

KangarooBoo.com offers a wide array of wooden toys, educational toys, battery-free mobiles, and fun & practical products. Their product selections continue to expand literally every day, as well as cool website features (entirely built by Justin).

Grateful for her cancer survival (diagnosed at age 24, merely 10 weeks after their wedding), and mindful of those, especially children, who are still battling or have yet to start the fight, Jennic and Justin hope to help raise funds and awareness for children-related charities through their charity goals and philanthropic efforts. Starting from the first day after opening for business, KangarooBoo.com has donated and will continue to donate a portion of each and every purchase towards the charity of choice of the customer... you pick the charity during the checkout process!

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